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Author: Matthew

Internet Explorer is Unforgiving for Web Design

As I had just finished up a site for a client, which I think came out great, (, my client called me up a few days later and said that someone told him that they could not sign up to his mailing list.  When they clicked the field to insert their name and email, it did something funny and it wouldn’t let them sign up.  We were using good old Aweber and I thought it might have been the javascript conflicting with another code/script on the page.  Well, long story short, the widget I had the Aweber form in had a home page link in it which when clicked refreshed the page therefore creating an endless loop.  I fixed that but I always like to check how all my sites look in the 4 major browsers, IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.  The site looked great in all three but Internet Explorer.  I was getting an extra empty widget on the home page.  What the Heck?  I went through tons of code and even was on a chat with tech support from where I purchased the initial template from and they said they couldn’t help and that they would submit a ticket to the original coder to take a look.  Well who wants to wait for that while my clients site look like crap on IE. So I did some...

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Problems with Aweber Email Marketing Service

I pay for Aweber email marketing services for my users to subscribe to my lists.  And it is a great service and they have great deliverability numbers for getting your message in someones inbox.  But recently I have been trying to create a new list and I have been having problems with the service. The first couple of parts are fine as they are all text based such as setting up your address and greeting and confirmed optin message, blah, blah, blah.  What is annoying the heck out of me is trying to create a message with a template and trying to save that template and also trying to email a test of the message and template.  Whenever I try to do one of the following, Aweber freezes up on me and times out.  I have a fast internet connection and I have tried this in both Firefox and Internet Explorer.  Has anyone experienced a similar issue with Aweber? ...

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Green Dot MoneyPak Virus – How to get rid of it

Wow, my desktop computer got a virus today. It shut down my whole machine. I couldn’t access anything to try and remove it manually and I have Norton installed and it got right past it. The screen shot below is something similar to what took over my screen but in my frustration, I didn’t even think about snapping a picture of it. I just wanted it off my computer! So this virus wanted me to pay $500 or more by going to one of the retailers listed on the page and buy a greendot moneypak card and then use...

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Easy Video Suite – The Best Video Marketing Player Ever

I own Easy Video Player 2 and it is one of the best self hosted players on the market.  But when I got notified that Easy Video Suite ( a follow up to EVP2 ), I just had to tell you about it. Easy Video Suite is being released on January 15, 2013 at 6 pm eastern time.  You can download it from the big red download link above. If you have ever used Easy Video Player 2, then you will see how much easier this new version is to use.  Easy Video Suite has a much better file management system that keeps better track of all your folders and videos. A powerful feature in this new version is that you can add events inside your videos and force people to optin or share your videos. You can also add delayed calls to action inside your videos!  It will work on a PC and Mac.  Easy Video Suite will automatically convert your video to the best format for the device that it is being played on.  This is big.  No more trying to create different file formats and adding special code to you website.  You can make a video book, where you can have your viewers play chapters instead of just one long video.  EVS will also record your screen, so if you have been wanting to get that...

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How to use Firebug for Firefox

If you do any work on your website yourself or on your clients website, one of the best free tools I use is Firebug for the Firefox browser.  This tool allows you to edit websites in your browser window without having real access to the website and it’s code. You can make CSS changes, layout changes, html changes and depending on how good you can code, you can almost change the whole look and feel of a website in your browser.  Then as you make these changes, you just make note of the new code that you altered and...

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