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Month: November 2012

GoDaddy drops the ball with .CO domain name.

I have a client who sells cookies.  She has a .CO domain extension.  Her website got hacked and some malware code was placed on it causing it to redirect to some other website.  She called me to tell me that her email was not working anymore so I naturally thought that maybe she was over her quota in cpanel.  But when I checked, she was set to unlimited.  So I went to her website and it didn’t load.  I then went into my reseller cpanel and took a look at some of her file and found and removed all...

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How to use Google Maps Street View

I was a little lost trying to figure out how to use the street view feature in Google Maps.  Once you are on the page with the map, there is no clear direction on how to use it other than the simple box where you enter the address you want to look up.  Sure there is a link for an interactive tutorial, but who has time for that and who knows if that even shows you how to get to the street view.  I didn’t check it.  So after some time and frustration, I figured the mystery of Google...

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