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Month: June 2013

Video Genesis – A Total Video Production Product

Andy and Mike have put together a fantastic product that teaches you how to film, edit and produce what they call the 13 types of video.  It is called Video Genesis There will be a big launch for this product and I am putting together the best Video Genesis Bonus ever.  Bonuses total well into the thousands of dollars and they include physical items, digital items and a personal consultation with me about anything in your business. Check out my Official Video Genesis Bonus Website Here to read about all the awesome bonuses for this...

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About a 10 days ago my malwarebytes anti-malware program popped with a message that said, “Successfully blocked access to a potentially malicious website.  IP Address:   Type: Outgoing”.  At first I thought, great, the program is paying for itself and doing its job.  But then the message popped up again and again and again.  It seemed like every time I opened up a new tab or window or went to a new website, the message would appear. So I did a few basic things like ignore it, restart my computer, runs a system scan, but nothing seemed to work.  That is when I did a little more digging.  I typed the IP Address into my phone web browser (I didn’t care if my phone crashed) and I saw a little counter in the top left corner of the page that told how many active connections it had, how many connections it was reading, writing and waiting.  I refreshed it a couple of times and it was connecting to about 700 sites every time I refreshed the page.  This seemed a little fishy to me. I then did a Google search for the IP address and found a lot of different results.  One said the IP Address was from another country but the one that caught my eye was the image below…. The IP Address belonged to SemRush! ...

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