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Month: August 2013

Manually installing wordpress with Network Solutions

I have a client who’s website is hosted with Network Solutions, you can login here…  They are a good host but not my first choice because as I found out, they block a lot of scripts.  But anyways, my client wanted to fix his website because his margins were all messed up and he wanted to be able to easily edit the website himself in the future.  The site was an html site and not a lot of people can just edit an html site on their own.  So I set him up with a wordpress site.  It was easy as I just copied and pasted all the info from one platform to the other. The trouble I had was when I tried to install wordpress on Network Solutions servers.  Firstly they have an automated wordpress install feature which is great but they do not allow you to install wordpress in the root domain (the main domain name).  You can only install it on a subfolder or subdomain. So to install wordpress in the root, I had to manually install it.  I won’t go into how to do this other than to say that you need to create a database and write down all the username and passwords and then go to the site and download the latest version of wordpress.  Once all the wordpress files have...

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Optimize Press 2.0 Will Change Your Business

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